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Gilligan’s Run Video

ikoniиконописFinally got around to making the music video for Gilligan’s Run. Hope you enjoy.

Crank up the speakers.



Gilligan’s Run

икони на светциHello there,

Long time, no update.  Things have slowed down considerably around here.  The mid summer weather doesn’t give us very exciting sailing conditions so there’s always a lull between June and August where the boats stay on the trailers and everyone stays in the air conditioning.

This past weekend we knocked the cobwebs off of ole Undecided and took her over to Gilligan’s Run over in Daytona Beach – hosted by the awesome people at Hobie Fleet 80.  The race is basically a sprint up and down the beach for a grand total of about 26 miles.  I haven’t actually downloaded the GPS data yet but I think thats about correct based on some very unscientific measurements on Google Maps.

We had 2 GoPro HD’s running on the boat and got some great footage.  I’ll be making a music video here soon enough but in the meantime, here are some stills to show you some of the action:

иконографияКартиниAs you very well may have heard if you are informed on Catamaran racing in North America – the 2011 iteration of the Tybee 500 is not going to happen due to a lack of entries.  While Team Velocity was prepared to enter five boats, and possibly more, the race cannot survive based on only two syndicates putting boats on the starting line.

Chuck Bargeron has done a wonderful job being the financial steward of this race over the years.  Unfortunately the balance sheet just wouldn’t add up for 2011 with only nine entries.  We respect his decision to wait until 2012 to run the race but we are also disappointed that we will not get to spend a week with our fellow competitors and friends.

Team Velocity Sailing was created in 2005 with the sole purpose of entering the Tybee 500.  Since then, we have participated in every iteration.  In 2009 we entered an unprecedented five teams plus performed logistics for another team in an effort to promote interest in the race.  We remain committed to participating in the 2012 running of the Tybee 500 and will have boats on the starting line.

2009 Tybee 500 TVS Sailors

секцииMr. Casey aboard one of our outsourced teams – AHPC – sailed to a second place in the F18 class and second overall.  He gives his account of his race and shares some great pictures.  Check out his story at:

After a long week treking up the coasts of Florida and Georgia, the teams pulled into Tybee Island yesterday. The ground crew was eating lunch, thinking we had a little time to eat according to the SPOT tracker. We looked out on the horizon and saw two spinnakers, so we hauled down to the finish. Royal Yellow hit the beach first, followed by TVS one minute later. Trey and Bailey needed to finish within 8 minutes of them for first place in the I20 class.

Bugaboo was next ashore, followed by Seacats Orange. JC and Dalton came in hot and dazzled spectators with their stylish finish.

The next Velocity boat in was TVS 4. Ryan and Don made it in after breaking their spinnaker tack line block. They had to beach it down the coast to fix earlier in the afternoon. Brett and Alan broke an upper rudder casting and punctured one hull during one of their capsizes yesterday. Sandbars and jellyfish reaked havock on our guys! Cat in the Hat rounded out the day.

There were many proud parents, family members, and happy ground crew on the beach yesterday! Thanks to Don’s dad for the rum punch for everyone!

Thanks also to all of our sponsors who made this year’s Tybee 500 campaign a sucess! We appreciate your support!

The boats shoved off at 8am this morning for the last leg. The water was pretty much glass, and they carried their kites off the beach. Today includes a tour of the Georgia coast. Ryan was looking at the
charts this morning and noticed one place they will pass is called The Hole… Just north of Cumberland Island. They will see lots of jellyfish and other wildlife today.

Wildlife? No, it's Tad emerging from the surf after pushing TVS 2 off the beach

One notable quote from Don last night, after many battles with jellies the last few days…”I wish my boat was a jellyfish. And then it would poop out little jelly fish and make other people’s rudders pop up like mine have been.”  I think they are getting a little delusional….good thing we only have one more day!


Fernandina Finish

All of the boats made it in before dark once again yesterday. The ground crews were very relieved! We only had one repair to make, replace the dagger board well carpet on Kirk and Sam’s boat.James displayed his talents for repairs.

Don and Ryan finally realized that they had a red ball taped to their spinnaker pole, courtesy of Seacats White. They were wondering why Chris was asking what their reindeer names were yesterday….

Zesty the Reindeer

Everyone got to bed for the early 8am start this morning. More from after the start!


High Tides

Another smooth morning at Daytona. The boats were set off from the beach with their spinnakers up and flew out of the pushers’ hands once they caught some wind. Don and Ryan had a last minute replacement of their rudder spring, caught by Chris Zander of Seacats White.

Don is thinking "Glad we caught this now!"

All of the ground crews stopped in Flagler at High Tides and had a great lunch overlooking the water. We got there a little late to see everyone breeze by the shack.

We are driving through St Augustine right now. Shuttle launch at 2:20pm. We were able to see it!!!!

Hard to make out the shuttle, but it was hauling!


Daytona 500

The boats have all landed, and it is not dark yet! Yeah! We just had a wonderful dinner by the daytona Hobie fleet! Thanks guys!!!

Trey had a fight to the finish with Royal Yellow. Yellow won out by seconds at the finish. Next in was the Wildcat, then JC, then Cat in the hat, Brett and Alan, Sam and Kirk, then Don and Ryan.

The water is not working in the hotel , so we have some salty sailors.


Around the Cape

A calm set of rollers greeted the boats at the start this morning. Many if the boats used paddles to help get past the breakers. Alan of TVS 3 climbed out on the bow and used his massive wingspan to paddle out. Their boat was the only one that had an issue. As they were going through the breakers, their main slipped off the ring and slouched on them. They waited I
until the were clear of the breakers, they were able to hoist it.

Mischa and Eduard had more daggerboards overnighted that arrived yesterday. From reports, it appears that they are moving a little slower than the front of the pack, maybe another one broke on them.

Thanks to Seacats White for helping out with spare parts for our Velocity boats! We were sad to see them pull out yesterday due to that rear beam splitting on them. The boat has been retired from ocean racing under current management.

Ground crew is heading up the coast now to grab some BBQ. Hopefully it will not be late night in Daytona!